Thursday, April 05, 2018

Economics Special: Technology Missions on Cotton and Jute

Technology Mission on Cotton (TMC)
Jute Technology Mission (JTM)
The Govt. of India launched in 2000
The Govt. of India launched in 2012

The objective of TMC was as under:
  1. To improve the yield and quality of cotton
  2. To increase the income of the cotton growers
  3. To improve the quality of processing of cotton, particularly in respect of trash, contamination, etc.

It is major initiative for overall development of the jute industry and growth of the jute sector during the 11th Plan
It has four Mini Missions as under:

  1. Mini Mission I: Cotton Research & Technology Generation
  2. Mini Mission II: Transfer of Technology & Development
  3. Mini Mission III: Development of Market Infrastructure
  4. Mini Mission IV: Modernization / Setting up of new G&P factories.

It has four Mini Missions as under:

  1. Mini Mission-I: strengthening agriculture research and development in jute sector for improving the yield and quality.  
  2. Mini Mission-II: transfer of improved technology and agronomic practices in production and post harvesting phase.
  3. Mini-Mission-III: market linkage of raw jute is provided in all jute growing states.  
  4. Mini Mission-IV: modernization of jute industry, upgradation of skills and market promotion.
For MM-III & IV Ministry of Textiles was the nodal agency and The Cotton Corporation of India Ltd. (CCI) was the implementing agency.

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