Thursday, April 05, 2018

Economics Special: NIMZ (National Investment and Manufacturing Zones)

NIMZ (National Investment and Manufacturing Zones) is a concept envisaged under the National Manufacturing Policy, 2011.

  • NIMZs will be developed as integrated industrial townships with state-of-the art infrastructure and land use on the basis of zoning; clean and energy efficient technology; necessary social infrastructure; skill development facilities, etc., to provide a productive environment to persons transitioning from the primary sector to the secondary and tertiary sectors.
  • These NIMZs would be managed by SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) which would ensure master planning of the Zone; pre-clearances for setting up the industrial units to be located within the zone and undertake such other functions as specified in the various sections of this policy.
  • To enable the NIMZ to function as a self governing and autonomous body, it will be declared by the State Government as an Industrial Township under Article 243 Q(1)(c) of the Constitution.

In sum, the NIMZs would be large areas of developed land, with the requisite eco-system for promoting world class manufacturing activity.

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