Wednesday, September 14, 2016

बस इतना हासिल कर लूं

This poem is about a person, who is sentenced for Life imprisonment for using corrupt practices for constructing a flyover in a city. As it seems the construction collapsed and many innocent people died. And, he is behind bars.

एक नयी सुबह की दस्तक थी,
ये क़ायनात नतमस्तक थी,
एक नया पड़ाव था जीवन का,
खुशियों की कहानी तब तक थी।

फिलहाल कहानी ऐसी है,
जैसे बिन पंख परिन्दा हूँ। 
अँधेरी चार दीवारी में,
बीते लम्हों संग ज़िंदा हूँ। 

मूंदी हुयी आँखें कहती हैं
मैं आसमान में फ़िर उड़ लूँ।
एक नयी ऊंचाई फिर चूमूँ।
एक नयी ऊंचाई फिर चूमूँ।

ख्वाबों के लाखों रंगों में,
फिर ख़ुद को ज़ाहिर कर लूँ। 
बस इतना हासिल कर लूं। 
बस इतना हासिल कर लूं। 

थी ज़िद एक आगे बढ़ने की,
एक नए शिखर पे चढ़ने की। 
मेरा ग़ुरूर हमराह हुआ। 
जाने कब मैं ग़ुमराह हुआ !

कितने ही घर बर्बाद हुए 
मेरी इस ज़िद की हुक़ूमत से। 
थी चादर मेरी छोटी पर 
माँगा अधिक ज़रुरत से। 

दिखता बस एक अँधेरा है। 
लगता नाराज़ सवेरा है। 
सन्नाटों के साये में 
रोता हर ख़्वाब ये मेरा है। 

अब हिम्मत न बची है कि,
टूटे सपनों को जोड़ सकूँ। 
अपने बेबस इन हाथों से 
जीवन की कश्ती मोड़ सकूँ। 

भूल के अपना बीता कल,
फिर से एक आग़ाज़ करू।
खुद को इस काबिल कर लूँ। 
बस इतना हासिल कर लूं।
बस इतना हासिल कर लूं। 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

24 Season 2: How far from 24 Day 2

If I remember, it was onset of July, 2016, when trailer of 24 Season 2, (not the Hollywood one, rather Anil Kapoor starer sequel of Indian remake of 24 with same title) hit the headlines and social media. I, being a fan of 24 (the original series starring Kiefer Suttherland in lead role), could not resist myself from watching it, as I had some expectation of it to be based on the story similar to the Season 2 of the original 24, which is called 24 Day 2. 
But I was shocked to see that the Indian sequel is largely based on 24 Day 3 as its prequel revolved around the

plot of discovering a rogue nuclear bomb, which was about to to off within 24 hours in USA. Day 3 was based on saving a city of USA from outbreak of a deadly virus.

Though I don't expect much from the Indian sequel as it is nothing much different than 24 Day 3, I was further surprised that the Indian sequel is a combo of both Day 2 and Day 3.
Its quite premature to say what would be the end of Indian season. But I must say that I am much impressed with the role of Sikander Kher, playing the character of Arun Srijan. His tone is truly that of a typical Eastern Indian person. He fits his character, and in my opinion, his performance so far has been even better than Anil Kapoor in the season.