Friday, February 16, 2018

Even Wikipedia recognises my work :D

Friends, it feels good to be cited by a person for your work, even if your work doesn't have much significance in your eyes. Well, I give adequate value to all my works and my publications as they are assets for me. If someone recognises your work, it gives an immense pleasure to you. Similar thing happened to me. 
In 2011, I was allotted a project work on the issue of legal literacy and the bottlenecks in its effective implementation in India under guidance of renowned faculty of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad, Hon'ble Prof. P V Rao. I am still indebted to him for allotting me this topic as it gave wings to my research skill. 
Recently, I came to know that, someone on Wikipedia has recognised my work on the topic of "Legal Awareness" (those who want to cross-check can click here
Those who want to study the complete report may click here

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