Monday, February 12, 2018

Mission : Impossible - Fallout official trailer released

"The mission should you choose to accept it..." are the words that I was waiting for after I watched one of my favourite action thriller Mission: Impossible II. These are the part of the dialogue of the famous Mission : Impossible series. 
What make me an enthusiastic fan of M:I series are the stunts performed by Ethan Hunt, the protagonist of the series (obviously none other than Tom Cruise) and the signature tune of the series. 
Few days back, I felt like being thrown back to my graduation days, when I used to be a die-hard fan of Ethan and M:I, when my friend Ambrish sent me the link of the trailer of the upcoming and probably the last sequel of the series - Mission: Impossible: Fallout. Ever since I watched the trailer (which I did at least 100 times), I am desperate to throng the multiplex on 27th July this year, (the release date of the movie). 
Though the stunts of the movie don't seem to emulate those performed by Ethan at Burj Khalifa in Ghost Protocol (2011) and at Dead Horse Point, Utah in M:I-II, the introduction of Henry Cavil (the face behind Superman) as an agent adds thrill to the movie.  

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