Sunday, July 10, 2016

Fan: SRK proves why you should be his fan.

Every person is inspired by an icon or role model, whether in politics, economics or in entertainment domain. Some of them only follow such icons, others love their inspiration. But there evolved a new category of mass who revere their inspirations. At last there is another category of persons, who can prove to be a die-hard fan and if time comes they can prove to be deadly for their icon 
It is in the last category that we can classify Gaurav Chandna, I mean a fan of Aryan Khanna, a famous actor in Indian cinema industry. The most interesting thing is about what Chandna does to meet Khanna and what he does to realise what Khanna did wrong. The entire movie is centered at the grueling efforts by Chandna to meet him, rather hug him and more than that, it reveals how deadly a fan could be for a celebrity.
By the way, the Khanna and Chandna both are none other than SRK himself. And I bet, after watching the thrill-packed Fan, you will find the answer why SRK has a bigger fan following than his rivals. For me the reason is not Khanna but it is Chandna.
The movie is full of thrill and till the climax I found it hard to believe that SRK is both the celebrity and the fan. Not only the physical appearance but also the body language and tone of both the characters put you in suspense and compel us to ask "how the hell can he be both simultaneously?"
Truly this movie gives a wings of hope for SRK fans make them forgive and forget SRK of Dilwale (2015).

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