Sunday, June 29, 2014

Notable Role (10/1000): Abhay Deol (Shanghai)

Unlike his siblings Sunny and Bobby, Abhay Deol is much known for the roles based on ground realities, be it Oye Lucky Lucky Oye or Dev-D or Socha Na Tha. The year 2012 movie Shanghai adds to his understanding and adaptability to the roles, that no one can perform better than him. 
In this movie, he has portrayed the character of an honest IAS officer, involved in the inquiry of an accident that was suspiciously murder attempt of a leader. Although much credit to the quality of the movie goes to Dibakar, its director, roles played by Abhay and Imran Hashmi have maintained the same.
One of the reasons to watch this movie is the actors itself.
Here is an example: 

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