Sunday, March 16, 2014

Notable Role (5/1000): John Abraham (Jism)

I saw the movie Jism, after over 5 years of its release. I appreciate the direction and the music as well. But above all, I was inspired by the performance of John Abraham (playing the role of an alcoholic lawyer- Kabir), who lives a playboy lifestyle. 
No doubt, it was his first movie, yet he performed his share best in this movie. Specially his style of smoking and lighting the cigarette, that probably inspired youth to adopt smoking as a style statement. 
I suggest you to go watch the video of the songs Aawarapan Banjarapan and Shikaayat Hai to notice his in-depth performance (notably, the scene in which he feels guilty of committing a murder and cries below the shower of his bathroom). 

Aawarapan Banjarapan song.

Shikaayat Hai song.

Jism climax.

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